• Johnny Vaught

Myrtle Beach Sun News: Calling for unity, Johnny Vaught says he’s running for county chairman

Vaught, in an interview, described himself as someone who would take a balanced approach to the county’s biggest problems and use consensus-building to find solutions. On the county’s rapid growth and development, for example, he said that building and rezoning moratoriums were not appropriate for Horry County, but that the county should do more to slow the pace of building and invest in infrastructure to ease its burden on residents.

"We always have to look at a balance," Vaught said. “We can’t just say, let’s shut down development. That makes no sense, it would kill the economy. What we’ve got to do is to try to control it or throttle it.' One way to do that, Vaught suggested, is to increase impact fees on new building, which the council is likely to consider this spring.

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