My Plan for Horry County

As a current County Councilman, I have established positive relationships with our local government and community leaders. I know what issues are impacting our county and what solutions will work.


Using a fiscally conservative, common-sense approach, I am confident we can finally address our unprecedented growth under my countywide leadership. I have a proven record of success in County Council District 8 – I’d like to get to work to bring prosperity to the rest of Horry County!

Government Accountability

I want to make sure Horry County government’s main priority is serving the people. To me, this means that we will work transparently and cut the red tape on taxpayers. I will continue to advocate for smart policies that keep taxes low and be transparent about our spending. I encourage more citizens to get involved and engage with this council and will work hard to make sure that it will be a positive experience.

Real Leadership

The role of Chairman is to represent the whole county from a macro standpoint. Meetings should be conducted professionally and in a transparent and timely manner. This includes looking out for the best interests and rights of all our residents, small businesses, and loyal county employees. I also look forward to meeting with community and business leaders to continually receive their feedback about the future of Horry County. The best leadership always comes from open lines of communication.

Promote Unity

From the east to the west, we are all one Horry County. Each district and each municipality plays a special role in our community. Because of this, we must build better bonds of friendship. Smarter investments in public safety, including full funding for our first responders, must be priority number one. Additionally, I’ll work with each Councilman to make sure we are focusing on new job opportunities, investment, and a quality education countywide.

Plan for Growth

In the face of unprecedented growth, more pressure is being put on our existing infrastructure and we must continue to address this challenge. Horry County should encourage greater economic expansion, but we must be smart about how and where we continue to grow. In order to help small businesses, I will continue working to keep property taxes low and protect family-owned enterprises from burdensome red tape.

Real Solutions

While anyone can identify issues, it takes a real leader to implement solutions to them. I plan to push for projects that solve problems, such as the proposed bypass around Conway. The Lake Busbee Bypass will fix the traffic bottleneck that has been caused by all major highways to the beach converging in Conway and the lack of bridges across the Waccamaw River.

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